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Following cleft palate repair, one in four children in the UK (and more in some other countries) require further surgery to make the palate function adequately for speech. Edgar (who had a palate repair in another centre) was one of those whose palate did not function well enough during speech to close against the back of the throat and prevent air coming through the nose. This meant that, at the age of five years, he could not produce many consonants and, instead, often used the nasal consonants 'm', 'n' and 'ng'. Following a re-repair of his palate and an operation on the back of his throat, his speech was almost normal by the age of 6.

The video below consists of 3 separate videos, the first shows Edgar before his palate re-repair. The second section of the video is taken after the re-repair when there is a marked improvement. The final section of the video is after further surgery on the back of his throat and shows almost normal speech.


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