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CLEFT works closely with CLAPA, the Cleft lip and Palate Association.

They are primarily a support organisation for parents and families of children born with a cleft lip and or palate.


22q Deletion Syndrome is one of the most commonly occurring chromosome deletions, yet few know about it. The charity 22 crew’s mission is to fund research and provide social, educational and medical support for all those affected by 22q Deletion Syndrome in the UK and elsewhere.

The charity 22 crew want to act as a resource for young people and adults living with 22q Deletion Syndrome by providing advice and assistance. Organising programmes of physical, educational and other activities as a means of advancing in life by developing their skills, capacities and capabilities They want to provide information and support to maximise educational opportunities for individuals with 22q Deletion Syndrome awarding scholarships, maintenance allowances or grants tenable at any university, college or institution of higher or further education.

Their mission is also to raise public awareness of the issues affecting 22q Deletion Syndrome parents and their children, both generally and in relation to their social exclusion. To raise awareness amongst specialists and professionals on the subject of 22q Deletion Syndrome and to conduct or commission research on 22q Deletion Syndrome and publish the results to the public.

22crew want to enable children and adults to participate in society as independent, mature and responsible individuals.

Max Appeal

Supporting families affected by DiGeorge Syndrome, VCFS and 22q11.2 deletion

The charity’s vision is of a society where children and adults affected with 22q11.2 deletion are valued and able to fulfill their potential. Its mission is to enable people with 22q deletion to lead an independent and economically prosperous life as possible with Max Appeal being the voice to achieve appropriate medical care, social support, employment and empowerment for individuals and their families.

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The Vitality London 10,000

Run through the heart of the capital for CLEFT, the Vitality London 10,000 is now established as one of London's premier running events!

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Charity Golf Day - Colchester Golf Club - 27th September 2018

Charity Golf Day – Colchester Golf Club 27th September 2018 Mark the date in your diary! Join us for a fun filled day of camaraderie as your team of four enjoys the lovely course at Colchester Golf Club. All profits go directly to CLEFT's charitable work now in its 11th year!


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