Learn how to bake bread with professional baker Susan Hudson. Sue will show you how to make a Tiger Bread, a Malt Loaf and a Flat Bread during the course of this 3 hour masterclass on Saturday 30th January. 

This is a bake-along so a list of ingredients will be provided to you to buy before the class. Sue is an experienced online tutor and offers a bespoke experience for the participants. As Sue will be guiding each person through the bread making process, numbers are limited to 12 participants. This is an interactive experience and a fantastic opportunity to either try out a new skill or improve existing skills. 

About Sue

Sue Hudson is a baker based in Norfolk, UK. She is passionate about beautiful, delicious bread made by hand with fresh ingredients. Baking is a rewarding and therapeutic skill she loves sharing with her students.

Bread Workshops

Susan teaching at a workshop at The Food Hub, Kenton Hall Estate

With the recent worry of Covid-19, and mindful of her type 2 diabetes, Sue now offers a range of live online workshops so that students can enjoy learning in the safety of their own homes.  

Meeting students online has proved to be very rewarding. The online workshops can accommodate small groups, with an informal atmosphere and just enough time to make several special breads. Baking in your own kitchen means that your surroundings are familiar, and you can learn to bake using your own equipment and oven!

For more information about Sue, please visit her website.