What do you have to do?

Swap your favourite tipples for soft drinks. Discover some alternative teas or perhaps try out some delicious mocktails for a change. Enjoy a sober month and reap the benefits from doing so.

Why give up for a month?

There are many health (and financial!) benefits to quitting for a month. According to the Alcohol Change website, research published in 2018, conducted by the Royal Free Hospital and published in the British Medical Journal, found that:

a month off lowers blood pressure, reduces diabetes risk, lowers cholesterol, and reduces levels of cancer-related proteins in the blood. During Dry January last year 88% of participants saved money, 71% slept better and 58% lost weight.

How can you raise money going dry?

You can raise money either by setting up a fundraising page or simply donate what you would have spent on alcohol in January. Easy!!

Don't forget to let us know how you get on! We would love to put any photos or stories of personal achievements on our website.

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