In my working life I run a safari tour operator, specialising in organising trips of a lifetime to 'Safari Africa'.

I first became involved with CLEFT after our eldest son, Jack, was born with a bilateral Cleft lip and palate. Brian Sommerlad was Jack's surgeon and he introduced us to CLEFT and the amazing work the charity does.

Despite being the world's most common birth defects, clefts are still an area that are not fully understood and require a lot more charitable funding. Having gone through our experiences with Jack, and being lucky enough to live in country where he was easily treated, we feel compelled to try and help people in less fortunate positions around the world.

Unlike many other larger cleft charities, CLEFT focuses on both research into improving our understanding of clefts as well as helping people in under-privileged countries. CLEFT also focuses on establishing sustainable cleft practices overseas and unlike the larger charities keeps administration costs very low.

As a trustee I share the responsibility with the other trustees to ensure the charity is run in a effective and efficient way. As a business owner I am involved in the many aspects of running a business, many of which relate to running a charity. As a father of a son with a cleft I also add a personal element as well.