Life keeps me busy, yoga keeps me sane. Running is my head space and netball lets out my inner competitive spirit. I love to travel and to learn about how people live in different parts of the world (that’s my inner geographer). A good book or the National Geographic would be my nightly wind down (I’m in that small % of the population who have never watched a box set of anything, or a Netflix series). I enjoy cooking and exploring new foods when time allows!

I have been a CLEFT trustee for around 5 years. My working background is 21 years in Marketing and Strategy roles in Unilever - covering local, European and global business on a multitude of household name brands.

I loved what I did at Unilever but life needed some changes and I left in Feb 2018 to help my father managing commercial property investments.

This allows me to be more flexible and give me more time and space for looking after the family, particularly my middle child who has 22q11 deletion syndrome - as part of that, she had an occult sub mucous cleft palate - she has had 2 surgeries on her cleft, Brian Sommerlad was the surgeon for the second.

My husband and I met Brian at a 22q11 conference and that was where I learnt about CLEFT the charity and Brian’s own work and research.

I hate the idea of people being ostracised because of having clefts, therefore I feel the work we are doing in Bangladesh etc is so important. I also feel that finding ways to bring scientific research to people whose lives it could actually help, is essential.

This sums up CLEFT as opposed to other cleft related charities - it’s the balance of helping those in poorer countries than our own and the funding of essential research to better the care over the longer term - which I think is just a perfect blend.

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