I will be asking all my friends to donate an item of shoes or clothing that they no longer need or want. Starting on CLEFT's 14th birthday - 25th May - I'll then try to sell everything on eBay over the next 14 days. I will also be having a clear out to see what I have that can be sold. The items need to be nearly new and something other people may want to buy so that we can get the best sale price as possible. 

Not only will we be recycling unwanted goods, but we will be raising money for CLEFT. Whilst I can't sell everything for everyone, if you do have something that you think might raise some money, I would love to hear from you via the CLEFT Office and we can try to help. Alternatively, if you would like to make a donation in support of my challenge, all the money that is donated will go to CLEFT.

Thank you,

Georgie and Willow x

Georgie Wilkins