Draft Minutes


  • Tracey setting up a timeline for each type of fundraising event
  • Mel/Alexa to look into if you can make setting up a fundraising page part of the registration process
  • Kaye to email details of her raffle/auction prizes
  • Tracey to email details of her raffle/auction prizes
  • Clare to look into hotel stays
  • Kaye to put a plan together of the committees achievements/goals for the year
  • Richard to contact cycling groups about the London to Brighton
  • Alexa to email Richard details of London to Brighton and how many spaces we have
  • Mel/Alexa to work on the website and see if we can include how many spaces left for a challenge

Agenda  Agenda 09.05.2022.pdf
Draft Minutes  Draft Minutes 09.05.2022.pdf
Next Meeting  Tuesday 5th July 2022