Fundraising Committee Chair

Kaye Knowles

Kaye has been fundraising for CLEFT since 2017 when she took part in a marathon in Uganda to raise money for the CLEFT centre. Kaye is also a trustee of CLEFT - read her full bio here.

Fundraising Committee Members

Gwyneth Sommerlad

Gwyneth has been part of CLEFT since it's very early days. Gwyneth is known for supporting all things CLEFT related as well as for her excellent baking skills at events, often producing hundreds of mince pies at a moment's notice! Gwyneth is married to Brian Sommerlad, CLEFT Chair, and is mother to 5 and grandmother to 14. Gwyneth has also had a successful career in medicine herself.

Tracy Morris 

There are not many CLEFT fundraising events that Tracy hasn't contributed to (pictured above right at the Vegan Christmas Menu online event last December). Tracy is also a trustee of CLEFT - please read her full bio here.

Clare Rivers

Clare is a Plastic Surgery Registrar based in Glasgow.

Rachel Lapham

Rachel lives in Leicester, pictured above.