Draft minutes

Action points:

  • David S  to try writing to his local MP and Brian to the MP he first had discussions with.
  • Brian to write to the orthodontic CEN.
  • Alexa to circulate fundraising events and dates to everyone.
  • Ghassan to follow up with the name of the Kuwaiti family with Brian for Brian to contact.
  • Mel to provide a list of when team members are presenting at Cleft 2022 (closer to the time) so that steering committee members and trustees can go and support them.
  • Brian/ Mel to organise a pre-Congress meeting on Sunday evening 10th July for anyone who can make it to meet the international visitors.
  • Brian to ask Parakrama Wijekoon and Romesh Gunasekera about how they are able to manage their cleft cases and will report back.
  • Brian to contact Hugh Brewster from Transforming Faces and report back on the outcome of their Ugandan visit.
  • Chris Hill to report about his trip to Pakistan/ communication wit surgeons there at the next meeting.

Agenda Agenda International Steering Committee meeting 27.04.22
Enclosure 1 International Steering Committee draft minutes 13.01.22
Enclosure 2 Funding arrangements for visits
Enclosure 3 Proposed visitors to the UK
Enclosure 4 Draft CLEFT philosophy