Gather your friends, family, co-workers, and neighbours to celebrate summer! Fire up the BBQ, enjoy a burger and a drink in the garden, and help raise much-needed funds for CLEFT.

CLEFT can support your BBQ fundraiser with various resources, including CLEFT leaflets (upon request), a delicious vegan burger recipe, a social media invitation, and beautiful handmade bunting for the first 10 sign-ups.

Ways to raise funds for CLEFT

  • Charge a small entrance fee of perhaps £5 or £10?
  • You could charge for food, for example £5 per burger or £10 with salad and a glass?
  • Alternatively, you could have a CLEFT table with a collection box and leaflets and just point guests towards it!
  • ·    Set up a fundraiser page and send it out with your e-invitation on socials ahead of your event.

How to register

Please just drop us a quick email at [email protected] with the planned date of your BBQ and postal address so that we can send out some handmade bunting to the first ten registrations we receive.

How to send in your donations

Setting up a fundraising page is an easy way to take payments on the day as online donations can be made easily by credit card straight to your page. Take just five minutes to create your page by clicking here.

Alternatively, we're always happy to take donations by cheque or bank transfer. Our bank details and postal address are all available to view by clicking here.

Happy BBQing! Happy Fundraising!

Download the Summer BBQ invitation for social media