Get fit and feel amazing as you raise money for CLEFT by walking 10,000 steps a day through the month of October 2020.

How will you do this?

Simply by walking to work, taking up jogging, or by giving the lift a miss, you will be surprised by how many extra steps you clock up each day. 10,000 steps is, on average, about 8km in distance. 

Based on the average person’s stride you will have walked the equivalent of over 5 full marathons by October 31st! All you need is a pedometer that will count your steps for you - if you have a smart phone you will have one on there already, or you can buy one for less than £5.

Apart from raising money for CLEFT to continue its important work both in the UK and overseas, what other benefits will you get from taking part in this challenge?

You will....

  • save money by cutting down commuting costs. This exercise is FREE so you won't have to pay for any exercise classes. The added benefit to this is you will also be saving the planet.
  • keep a healthy weight (hopefully!)
  • discover new places - the UK is full of routes for walkers and ramblers.
  • reduce stress and lower blood pressure - walking is the perfect way to combine exercise with fresh air - a perfect way to feel better every single day and sleep better every night.

So, what's stopping you from signing up?

It will only take two simple steps to get going. First, register with us today then secondly, start raising money by setting up a fundraising page. Share your fundraising page on social media and make sure you regularly update your friends and family on your progress so that they are part of your journey.

Don't forget to let us know how you get on! We would love to put any photos or stories of personal achievements on our website.

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