Willow’s Amazing Fundraising

You may remember from last year that an 8-year-old girl swam 2,000 metres to raise an incredible amount of money for CLEFT? Well she’s done it again, only this time not with athletic ability but artistic prowess.
Willow was born with a cleft and was first operated on by Mr. Brian Sommerlad at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London, and has since used her talents, hard-work and determination to raise money to help other children born with clefts in the U.K. and around the world. In preparation for the festive period of 2018, Willow painted a magnificent portrait of a stag stood amongst a wintery woodland scene. Inspired by the deer in Richmond park where Willow regularly goes horse-riding, her picture captures the quiet promise of early morning warmth in the sky, the frosty undergrowth under hoof and icy breath suspended in the cold winter air, whilst the deer stands with a primal majesty. Willow used her artwork to raise even more funds for children born with clefts, turning her beautiful painting into a series of Christmas cards to sell in the run-up to Christmas raising an amazing £700 for CLEFT! We can’t thank Willow enough for all the amazing work she has done for CLEFT, so we have awarded her our Number 1 Fundraiser certificate as a way of expressing our enormous gratitude for everything she has achieved to help other people born with clefts. Thank you Willow!              


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