CLEFT - Bridging the gap

Who are we?

CLEFT is a charity which aims to research the unanswered problems in improving care for children born with cleft lip and palate. We aim to push the boundaries of conventional treatment by funding research into improving operating techniques and by looking at the underlying reasons for cleft deformities. We also support cleft lip and palate teams in the developing world by working with them to improve surgery and facilities. Registered with the Charity Commission in 2007, CLEFT has been set up by the North Thames Cleft Lip and Palate Centre based at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children London, and the St Andrew's Centre, Broomfield Hospital, Chelmsford Essex.

Of all net funds received we aim to allocate 75% to research and 25% to our overseas work

The day-to-day running of the charity is overseen by a board of trustees. Applications for project funding are considered by a Research Steering Group who, with their specialist medical knowledge, make recommendations to the trustees for their final decision on grants. Funding given to support cleft teams in poorer countries are reviewed by the Overseas Steering Group who make recommendations to the trustees.


Case Histories

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Bangladeshi Lady Gareth Odeann Arusha


What we are doing around the world

World MapIn Uganda, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Egypt, our teams visit regularly to demonstrate surgical techniques to local surgeons and provide them with basic equipment such as surgical instruments and sutures, and in some cases more specialised equipment such as operating microscopes.

We do NOT fund the cost of British teams (either ours or others) travelling or staying in these countries. Unlike some other organisations our emphasis is on teaching and empowering local surgeons who have invited us to help them. We do NOT finance "parachute missions" to fly in big teams of medical personnel to take over local hospitals,then leave, never to be seen again.