We aim to provide long-term, sustainable ways to bridge the gap in cleft care and knowledge in the UK and overseas

[email protected] UPDATE

We are delighted to update you on the launch of the [email protected] website – a unique online cleft therapy and parent training resource for children with cleft articulation difficulties.


Author: Melanie Baldwin

CLEFT in the Kurdish region of Iraq

CLEFT has recently been involved with visiting the semi-autonomous region of Kurdistan where conditions such as cleft lip and palate have been neglected in recent years.


Author: Melanie Baldwin

Global cleft care

Matt Fell and Brian Sommerlad presented at the Craniofacial Society of Great Britain and Ireland conference in September 20021 on Global Cleft Care.


Author: Melanie Baldwin

James runs the London Marathon

One of CLEFT's amazing supporters, James, ran the 2021 London Marathon for CLEFT in 3 hours 31 minutes and raised thousands in the process.


Author: Melanie Baldwin

Our impact

1 in 700

children are born with a cleft palate.


the cost of a cleft operation on a baby in a low-income country.


cost to give treatment over a lifetime.

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Breakthroughs in cleft research

  • VPI Paper in Cleft Palate Craniofacial Journal

    The American Cleft Palate Craniofacial Journal reviewed literature on palate re-repair for the treatment of velopharyngeal insufficiency (VPI) and cited the Sommerlad Protocol and Palate Repair technique of VPI as being very beneficial to patients with an 84% success rate. Read more

  • The value of research to cleft professionals and patients

    Chair of the CLEFT Research Steering Group, Rona Slator, is interviewed here by Tracy Morris on the value of research into cleft lip and palate. Read more

  • The genetics of cleft lip and palate

    Investigations into the genetics of cleft lip and palate to understand more about why cleft lip and palate occurs. Read more

  • TBX22 Mouse Model

    CLEFT has funded research into the investigation of a gene called the TBX22 that regulates important development events during normal palate function, in order to find new treatments. Read more