We are asking you to donate towards two sets of tools that we need to buy for the surgical team in Bangladesh. We last bought the sets in 2012 and, quite simply, they are wearing out. Each set is made in Sheffield from stainless steel at a cost of £2500 from S Murray & Co. They will be hand delivered by Mr Sommerlad when he makes his first visit there since before Covid.

What is Cleft?

Cleft is a congenital birth defect. A baby born with cleft lip and palate usually requires two operations for the initial repair and then another operation at about 8 to 10 years of age to fill the gap in the alveolus (gum). Further surgery may be required to improve the appearance of the nose and the lip. As well as the obvious physical abnormality, there may be related problems with hearing or speech.

CLEFT Charity is focused on providing permanent, sustainable ways to improve cleft care both in UK and overseas. This is done through sponsorship or research projects in the UK to help identify the likely causes of clefts and secondly, by supporting projects in lower income countries to to help provide long term treatment and care for less privileged people born with clefts.

£40 - the cost of a cleft operation on a baby in a low-income country
£250 - the cost to give treatment over a lifetime Zhi Yin Lim