In Memory

Ben Adams

30 Aug 1977 - 06 Mar 2024

Ben, a very brave man, died recently. His parents, who are friends of CLEFT chair, Brian and his wife Gwyneth, asked for donations at the funeral to be given to CLEFT. This resulted in £460 being donated to CLEFT. Ben and his brother Tobin were born with a genetically recessive condition which resulted in progressive neurological deterioration. In later years, Ben was unable to speak and communicated by eye movements but somehow managed to write a play called "My Beirut" which was performed a few years ago. Thanks to wonderful care by his parents and carers, Ben lived until the age of 46. Sadly, his younger brother Tobin died before him. We are very moved that the family who have suffered so much should make this gesture. CLEFT is very grateful.

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