I think CLEFT is a wonderful charity because I know it has such an impact on people’s lives.

CLEFT is important to me because it is researching the causes of and cures for CLEFT. One of our children was born with a cleft lip, so we would find it interesting to know more about what caused it. In some countries the access to cleft repairs is limited and so CLEFT is helping to train up doctors and to supply equipment to help out people who would otherwise be outcasts in their society. I have been inspired by the work of Mr Brian Sommerlad, who helped to start up CLEFT, and was happy to get involved.

I have been a Trustee for a few charities so I know how difficult it is for small charities like CLEFT to raise money. I have a background in working with small businesses and various types of charities, so I try to contribute where I can.

I split my time between London and Hampshire, which I can do now that all our three children are adults. I grew up in the USA and have lived in Britain half my life,. I can see the value of a National Health system, and supporting valuable research and those less fortunate. I have a an MBA from the Wharton Business school at the University of Pennsylvania and BA in economics from George Washington University.