Triona previously worked at Temple Street Children’s University Hospital, Dublin until 2013, in different positions including Manager and Clinical Specialist in Cleft Palate and was a part-time lecturer and adjunct professor at the University of Limerick.

Research interests include the perceptual and instrumental assessment of and parent led intervention for speech problems associated cleft palate and structurally related anomalies. Triona along with Drs Debbie Sell and Anne Harding Bell, developed the Cleft Audit Protocol for Speech-Augmented, which is used for mandatory audit in the UK and Ireland.  She has several publications on cleft palate speech assessment and intervention.

Since 2007, Triona has volunteered with Operation Smile Ireland and in 2009 became involved with Transforming Faces, focusing on the development of speech and language therapy services in Ethiopia. More recently she supported the development of the Ethiopian speech therapy training course at Addis Ababa University.