We are a team of Cardiff University Students with an aim to raise money to provide long-term, sustainable ways to improve cleft care both in the UK and overseas including countries such as Iraq, Egypt and Bangladesh through CLEFT charity.
1 in 700 children are born with a cleft palate. £40 is the cost of a cleft operation on a baby in a low-income country and £250 is the cost to give treatment over a lifetime.
CLEFT support the development of multi-disciplinary cleft centres in teaching hospitals in low and middle income countries so that children born with clefts will have all the care they need from birth to maturity and so that future generations of specialists will be able to continue this work.
Cleft charity not only helps fund surgeries but also invests into research.The genetic FOXF2 defects research is one of the many RESEARCH projects currently funded by CLEFT, paid for with money raised by donors and fundraisers. Dania Al-zubaidy