Hi! I'm running a Half Marathon in September 2024 to fundraise for the charity CLEFT!
This charity focuses on making a sustainable impact on the care of people born with Cleft Conditions in the UK and overseas.

In the UK 1 in 700 children are born with cleft conditions and CLEFT Charity has numerous research projects helping to identify the likely causes and find ways to improve the treatment outcomes. CLEFT also has projects in Egypt, Bangladesh and Iraq and works with local surgeons and specialists to help develop high quality, multidisciplinary CLEFT centres, providing education and training, and donating much-needed equipment.

The work this charity does makes a huge difference in the lives of the children born with cleft conditions. The operation to reconstruct a cleft lip or palate can be relatively simple and fast but the difference it can make for children is transformative.

For me, first learning about the incredible effect treating cleft conditions can have on people's lives, encouraged my interest in studying medicine and surgery. Now, I’m entering my final year of medical school and I’m grateful for any support of my fundraiser for CLEFT! Any donations are appreciated (even £1 or £2 makes a difference!)

I’ve chosen to run the Copenhagen Half Marathon for this fundraiser, and I’ve persuaded my boyfriend to join me. He’s running for another great charity and we will be training over the summer. You can follow our training and updates on instagram @salted_broccoli_running

Thank you for your support! Eleanor Todd