Today, 1-in-700 babies in the UK are born with a cleft lip and palate, the most common form of birth defect. The impact on a child’s life as they grow is profound. Typically, they will need at least four operations. They may also require ongoing tests, treatment or therapy. It will not only affect the way they look but also their speech, hearing and dental development. It can leave deep psychological scars.

I am hoping to raise £250, which is the cost to give treatment over a lifetime.

As this summer I'll be moving back to the North East, I thought the GNR would be a good idea... Having not competed in a running race since sports day in school, and 10km being the furthest I've ever run, this will be a challenge. 21km is a long way! Raising the target amount will be a huge motivator to get me past the finish line, so please donate what you can, I'll really appreciate it! Rebecca Williams