We are so grateful to anyone who can donate to our current projects and appeals however, we are equally grateful to those who are willing to leave a gift to CLEFT in their will. These future donations will secure the important work that is being done by CLEFT and will further help bridge the gap in cleft care both in the UK and overseas.

How can you leave a lasting smile in your will?

Content tips

<blockquote>”Use the ‘blockquote style’ for testimonials from those who have already committed money to charity in their will”</blockquote>

Explain the benefits of leaving a gift in your will, emphasising the impact on beneficiaries. You want to make it as easy as possible for supporters, so instructions must be simple and clear. Be warm, friendly and sensitive in your language – especially in instructions (which can otherwise easily come across as cold-hearted!).

If you have a link to a local solicitor or will-writing service, work out with them what users will need to do to leave a legacy. That might involve filling in a form, contacting your friendly lawyers or downloading/copying instructions to take or send to their own solicitors.