In celebration of CLEFT's 14th birthday this year, we set a challenge to our supporters to do something around the number 14. We are grateful to all those who took up the challenge:


Kaye undertook the challenge to run 5k each day on 14 consecutive days. The challenge coincided with the start of the warm weather so Kaye was running in the heat every day. In total, Kaye ran 70km and raised £343 - amazing!


Gwyneth agreed to bake 14 cakes and sell them to friends and family for £10 each. That's a lot of flour and eggs and they cakes looked delicious. She even baked a cake for a dog!

Team Yellow (represented by Sanjay, above) is a group of friends who ran and cycled and raised £274 between them - thank you Team Yellow!


Mel took to baking scones for this challenge. She baked 14 batches to order and sold them for any amount, raising £204 in the process.


Our star fundraiser however, was CLEFT's very own Social Media guru, Alexa. Alexa held a 14 hour Jumpathon in her back garden and raised a most impressive £1,603.

The grand total raised was £2566 (excluding gift aid) and on behalf of the fundraisers, thank you to all who supported them - this is a fantastic sum of money that will really make a difference.