Abdur's mother brought him to the cleft centre wondering if anything could be done for her baby. Abdur was born with a complex craniofacial cleft which is difficult to repair and will require multiple operations as he grows. He was seen by CLEFT Chairman and plastic surgeon, Mr Brian Sommerlad, alongside the cleft team in Dhaka this February. 

Abdur received his first operation to repair the cleft and in this short video, Mr Sommerlad explains more about what was needed and why.

Abdur's mother also explains what her feelings were and what she first thought when Abdur was first born in this short video:

The research project that is being carried out by the Dhaka team into the possible causes of complex craniofacial clefts is in the last stages of data analysis. There are some theories about why they happen but analysing data is required to offer conclusive results. We hope to be able to share the outcomes on our website later this year.