What do I need to do?

All we are asking you to do is to bake 12 cupcakes. They can be chocolate, vanilla, strawberry or any flavour you like! You must also decorate them - if you are feeling brave with food colouring, you could try making them CLEFT themed in our blue and yellow colours. You must then photograph them and send to us at CLEFT HQ.

The Challenge!

Your challenge then is to sell them for as much money as you can and send the money to CLEFT! You can sell them individually, hand-delivered, presented in beautiful wrappers or you could sell the dozen to the highest bidder. However you do it, we don't mind but we would love to hear your stories of how you did it.

We will feature the cupcakes of whoever is at the top of our leader board on this page for as long as they are our top CLEFT Cupcake Challenge winner.