The Circle of Cleft Professionals (CoCP) is a worldwide network of cleft professionals and cleft charity leaders with an interest in promoting Comprehensive Cleft Care (CCC) in resource-constrained contexts.

Through its varied programs and initiatives, the objectives of the CoCP are to:

  • Facilitate collaboration and networking among Cleft Professionals with an interest in multidisciplinary care in resource-constrained contexts.
  • Communicate the impact and learning occurring within Comprehensive Cleft Care (CCC)  projects.
  • Support local teams’ growth in implementing CCC.

Regular online CoCP events are hosted by Hugh Brewster and Neeti Daftari of Transforming Faces but some of CLEFT's trustees and steering committee members have also taken part in the monthly educational webinars. Chloé Rolland, a member of our International Steering Committee, led a webinar earlier this year entitled 'Orthodontics: Reducing the Burden of Care' - read the full story here.

Find out more about the Circle of Cleft Professionals and how to apply to become a member

Members of the CoCP are: