Preparation Steps

  1. Devise a delicious menu - from basic to gourmet, plan what you'd like to serve. 
  2. Will your dinner be themed? Italian, Mexican, Indian, you choose.
  3. Cocktails or mocktails, wine, beer or soft drinks - what will you offer?
  4. Plan your guest list. Invite your lovely friends and family to join you.
  5. Confirm a date.

Come Dine With Me 

The most important part of your evening is to have fun. You can include games and entertainment, and we would love to see some photos of your special night.

Ask your guests to donate however much they wish at the end of the evening. Or you can ask them to pay the amount they think it was worth! Make it extra special and they might pay extra pounds. Additionally, people can pay to take the leftover wine or food home with them.

How to take payment

We can take payments by credit card on the CLEFT website. Card payments can be made by clicking the DONATE button (below or on the homepage). Please ensure that the 'At Your Come Dine With Me Event' reason is ticked.

Please also make sure you prepare your guests by telling them in advance they will be asked to contribute at the end of the evening.