Fundraising events in Spring 2022

Getting together with your friends and family by holding a Coffee & Cake morning for CLEFT this February is one way to catch up with the people you care about whilst raising some money too. It is a really easy way to introduce new people to the charity.

We are working with the student groups to encourage as many Coffee & Cake sessions as possible. Though each individual event is not expected to raise a large total we hope that multiple cake eating sessions will raise a significant amount for CLEFT.

The Isle of Wight Challenge may be of interest to anyone who enjoys endurance races, when participants walk 100km round the beautiful Isle of Wight coastline between the 30th May – 1st June. We also have places available in Ride London. It has been two years since it was last held and promises to be a great event. If you are interested in either of these races or would like to check out out other events this year, click the link below. 

Challenge events

CLEFT’s charitable work

The first research project was recently presented to the Research Steering Committee which marked the end of a very quiet period when, during the height of Covid, practitioners’ energies were focused on other priorities. We look forward to presenting the results of research on the website, when appropriate. Research is a crucial aspect of CLEFT’s charitable remit.

It is also hoped that our international projects can re-start and/or visits become more frequent in 2022. Meetings have been organised in Sri Lanka, Egypt and Nepal with a view to setting up centres in these countries. Supporting visits are also being organised for the centres in Dhaka, Bangladesh and Sulaimania, the Kurdish region of Iraq.

Student Section

An exciting initiative has been put forward by one of CLEFT’s trustees, Bruce Richard, to link our CLEFT students and CLEFT teams throughout the country. The Chair of the Student Section, Mahaveer Sangha has had an enthusiastic response from several areas of the UK and it is hoped this initiative will both promote CLEFT charitable aims and also support the next generation of CLEFT teams.

Cleft 2022 - 14th International Conference, Edinburgh

CLEFT is looking forward to this conference, which is held once every four years. It has already been postponed twice due to Covid-19 and this is the first time the conference has been held in the United Kingdom. Consequently, several CLEFT trustees are planning to attend and we hope to have a significant presence in the exhibition hall. For more information click here Home -