International news

A visit to Dhaka, Bangladesh, organised by CLEFT, is planned for January 2023. The team from Great Ormond Street Hospital includes practitioners from all areas of cleft care (surgeons, an orthodontist, speech and language therapists, a clinical nurse practitioner and an audiologist). Local students will receive workshops in each specialty. This is an ongoing project which aims to create a sustainable model of cleft care which is the mission for all CLEFT’s international projects.

Do take a look at the videos on the website made by CLEFT film-maker Paul Whittaker. They give an insight to daily life in Dhaka Medical College Hospital and show how the money raised by CLEFT has an impact on patients, their families and the staff there.

Research News

We put out a call for research proposals during the summer months and it was exciting to receive a number of proposals from cleft centres around the UK. This was the first time since CLEFT became a national charity that researchers nationwide were invited to apply for funding. The proposals were subsequently examined by CLEFT's Research Steering Committee and then scored. The Committee members were given an opportunity to discuss each project and once a consensus was reached, their recommendations were put forward to the trustees of the charity. The process is rigorous and the Research Steering Committee is formed of members from all disciplines involved in cleft care to ensure that expertise is available at every level.

The trustees approved three projects and we will be able to share further details of these new projects in the coming months. Watch this space!


The 12 Days of Christmas CLEFT Challenge

If you’ve not already joined the 12 Days of Christmas Challenge then consider doing so now!

Improve your fitness while at the same time raising money for CLEFT. We are asking participants to aim to walk or run 5k for 12 days between 1st & 25th December. In view of the current pressures on the cost of living we are suggesting a target of £50 per person. Why not make up a team with your work colleagues or members of your family? There will be prizes for the most kilometres run and the most money raised!

Christmas cards

We still have our range of Christmas cards in stock. This is a great way to raise awareness of our charity and help a child born with a cleft this Christmas. Packs of 10 cards cost £2.50 (one design) and can be bought by visiting the CLEFT shop.

Last place in Berlin Marathon

We have one place left to fill in next September's coveted Berlin Marathon. This is a fantastic opportunity to take part in this world famous race and if you are looking for a challenge in 2023 then this could be the one. If you would like to register, visit our website.