I wanted to do something that would be sure to grab people's attention and maximise the awareness and funds we could raise for CLEFT, so I thought something unusual would be perfect! Apparently I did attract quite a few stares in the park...

It was a little scary, but so many people had already donated that it gave me a confidence boost. My Mum and my neighbour came along to guide me and we actually managed really well with just verbal instructions (possibly because they were either side of me and chatting, I think it helped me orientate myself). I also found the sound of the geese honking useful to let me know where the lake was! I thought I might be dizzy, but the only thing that happened was that I noticed very quickly if the ground was changing, like from tarmac to grass or any gradients. Apart from getting very chilly, I felt fine!

CLEFT is an amazing charity; its representatives are working so hard to try and improve cleft care for everyone, particularly those less fortunate than we are here in the UK. It's an honour and a pleasure working with them!

- Harriet Priest, Lead Ambassador and speech and language therapy student, Birmingham City University

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