Izzy's idea was to hand-make eco-friendly candles and sell them to the public to raise awareness of CLEFT as well as to raise funds. Izzy's sister was born with a cleft lip and palate in 2020 and the whole family has been very supportive of the charity every since.

Not only did Izzy collect the jars, but she then produced all the candles by hand, made the labels and learnt some important lessons along the way about candle making, marketing and selling. A really impressive amount of money was raised and CLEFT would like to thank Izzy and her family for their support in this amazing enterprise. Well done Izzy!!

In Izzy's own words:

How can I raise money for charity by designing good quality candles that are going to be sold to the public?

My sister Darcey was born with a cleft lip and palate and was treated by surgeon Mr Sommerlad, the Chairman of the CLEFT charity. I wanted to support the CLEFT charity and help children who are less fortunate than my sister. I decide to make Rapeseed candles using recycled jars to raise money for their charity. I named them Homely Cleft Candles.

I collected many jars from neighbours and family members. I hand made 78 candles using different materials to make the candles aesthetic, all the candles were made with the help and safety of my Dad. I contacted the CLEFT charity, and they were very supportive and sent me multiple pieces of their merchandise. I then got a spot at the Warminster market, as I was supporting a charity, I had to get insurance, I sold a quarter of my candles at the market and sold another quarter to family. I then visited Salisbury market and sold the third quarter.

So yes, I have raised money for Charity and have made candles of a good standard and have learnt to do so. I have also appealed to the public eye because I have raised a profit. I have also been able to find a source to sell my candles which means I have succeeded.

I raised £668.51 for the CLEFT charity; this pays for three children’s full operations.