Kamrul was born with a craniofacial cleft in Bangladesh in 2018. His parents were very upset when they first saw him and were worried about how he would be able to feed. When they found out he could be treated at Dhaka Medical College Hospital, it gave them much hope. Kamrul was first seen at 6 months.

Kamrul, age 6 months, before receiving life-changing surgery

Now aged 18 months, Kamrul has had three operations. He could not see out of his right eye and it was especially important that his left eye was protected. These operations require great skill and experience, the last one of which was carried out by CLEFT Chairman and plastic surgeon, Mr Brian Sommerlad, with the local team watching and learning. 

The photographs below chart his journey in the days after surgery, taken in February 2020.

The day after the operation

Kamrul's family are very pleased with the results but he will need further surgery before he reaches adulthood.

We do not know why craniofacial clefts are more common in Bangladesh and this is something that CLEFT would like to fund research into with the help of money donated. If you would like to take part in one of our fundraising events, please click on the button below and see how you can get involved.

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