13 year old Nawrin had a repair to her palate relatively late and was still experiencing speech difficulties when the CLEFT team first met her in Dhaka. Nawrin was brought to the cleft centre by her supportive parents. Her dad said "she's even more special to me because she has this problem."

Lia, speech and language therapist, was concerned that there were still problems with Nawrin's speech and suggested an x-ray using the C-Arm would help decide if further surgery was required. The C-Arm was supplied by CLEFT and shows moving images of the cleft palate. 

The x-ray actually showed that Narwin's palate was moving well but that it wasn't quite long enough however, the multi-disciplinary team decided to give Nawrin a further 6 months to see if her speech continued to improve without requiring further surgery.

This is just one story of how money donated to CLEFT has helped supply important equipment to help the team carry out their important work.