CLEFT: Bridging the Gap aims to support high quality research into cleft lip and palate and associated condisitons. Research proposals may include clinical trials, laboratory and clinical experimental medicine, hypothesis-driven data collection or tissue banking and qualitative studies. Details of previously supported projects can be found by clicking the button below. Preference will be given to clinical research proposals.  All proposals must fit with the philosophy of CLEFT  and have received ethical approval.

Completed research projects

Who is eligible?

At least one applicant must be a member of staff with a multidisciplinary cleft team, and in the UK this will be in a Regional Cleft Centre.  Applications will be considered from overseas only where cleft teams are already supported by CLEFT in LMICs.

An individual may be named as an applicant on no more than two applications in any one year.

Please check if your department has its own earmarked research funds which could be used before applying to CLEFT. 

CLEFT is willing to consider matched funding applications.

What are the judging criteria?

In addition to scientific quality, the Research Steering Committee considers the following: benefit to those affected by cleft lip and palate, relevance to those affected by cleft lip and palate and their carers, value for money, and likelihood of achieving the aims of answering the research question. 

What actions are recommended before submitting an application? 

The Research Steering Committee will review all applications made.  However, we recommend that UK researchers liaise with their local R&D departments to agree the costings of the project and to obtain statistical advice before submitting an application.

The Research Steering Committee also advise UK researchers to submit the application to the Cleft and Craniofacial Anomalies Clinical Studies Group for their feedback.  For CSG support for your study, please contact [email protected] for a submission form.

What types of award are there?

  1. Researchers may submit an application for funding following a call for proposals. These will be advertised on the CLEFT and CFSGBI websites.
  2. Researchers may apply to CLEFT for help with raising funds for a research project. If approved, CLEFT will support fundraising for the project through the CLEFT website. Benefits include claiming Gift Aid and national publicity.  Research funds raised will need to be costed by and administered by your local R&D department.

How do I apply? 

Complete the application form


Terms & Conditions

  1. For applicants receiving a research grant from CLEFT, progress updates will be requested on a quarterly basis.  A report will be required at the end of the project summarising the findings and the impact of the project.  If the project takes more than a year, a brief report to the Research Steering Committee will be required annually.
  2. Any publications arising from the project should acknowledge the CLEFT charity, and the CLEFT charity be informed of the publication reference.
  3. All UK applicants will be required to send CLEFT a R&D registration form signed off by the department who will manage the funds if awarded. This form will need to be emailed to [email protected] before the funds are made available.
  4. Following a grant for >£50,000, a value for money audit will be carried out by an independent body.
  5. For applicants receiving support in raising research funds and where the agreed sum has not been reached in one year, the funds will be used for other projects approved by CLEFT.