We have registered with the following websites, allowing you to collect donations for us as you shop. The stores that you buy from are the ones who donate - you don't have to do a thing other than to visit the following websites first: 

Easyfundraising turns your everyday online shopping into free donations. How? Just start your online shopping first at easyfundraising, then shop as normal. Their retailers will then make a small donation to say “thank you”.

TheGivingMachine is a fundraising charity set up to help other charitable causes raise money online. By signing up and shopping online via TheGivingMachine you will generate a free cash donation for us.

Sell & give

Thrift+ is a donation service for second-hand clothes. By avoiding the costs of operating high street shops, Thrift+ is the most effective way to donate quality second-hand clothes that deserve to be sold online for a fair price.

How does it work?

All you have to do is pack up your unwanted clothes into a 'ThriftBag' which you can have posted to you by going to the Thrift+ website. Send your filled bag to Thrift+ to be photographed and sold online. Each time an item sells for more than £5, the proceeds are split three ways:

  • 33% to Thrift+ (minimum fee of £5)
  • 33% to the donor as Thrift+ credits
  • 33% to their chosen charity

Alternatively, you can choose to donate 66% to CLEFT instead of earning any Thrift+ credits.

If you are selling on Ebay, you can choose what percentage of the sale you would like to come to CLEFT. All you have to do is tick the ‘Donate’ box and the % as you set your item up for sale. Type in ‘CLEFT’ in the charity box to find the CLEFT account.