The Maliniac lecture is part of the annual American Society of Plastic Surgeons' (ASPS) conference. In 1931, the ASPS was founded by Dr Jacques Maliniac, an influential plastic surgeon who was concerned with collaboration and education, two areas that are also very much at the heart of CLEFT's ethos. Each year, the lecture is awarded to a surgeon from outside the US who has made international contributions. Brian Sommerlad (left), CLEFT Chair and Plastic Surgeon, was given this honour at the last conference in 2022 where he delivered his lecture ‘Reducing inequality in surgery globally’ to surgeons from around the world. 

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Mr Sommerlad explains the inequalities of safety of surgery, access to surgery and the outcomes of surgery within countries and between countries. The image below, published in the Lancet in 2015, shows the proportion of the population without access to safe, affordable surgery and anaesthesia.

The Lancet 2015, Vol 386, No 9993, pp 569-624

This lecture is a fascinating and comprehensive explanation of what the inequalities of cleft care are, shaped by Brian's own experiences of operating on children with cleft lip and palate in 24 different countries.  

Shared with permission of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS).