Barriers to Cleft Training

The trainee section is excited to announce their latest project: Investigating the Barriers of Cleft Training. They have interviewed CLEFT trustees and members of the International and Research Steering Committees at CLEFT to explore the barriers to cleft training in the UK. During these interviews, they have explored the compatibility of a career in cleft with a family life, the significance of the Training Interface Group (TIG) fellowship and the aspects that make cleft surgery and training a unique professional journey. 

A paper looking at these subject areas will be prepared by the Trainee Section Chair, Shonnelly Novintan and we hope to be able to share a summary with you in early 2024. 

Film Series

One of the trainee projects this year is an education mini-series on cleft surgery, featuring a collection of concise videos, delivered by plastics registrar Bhavika Khera. In this series, Bhavika will go beyond textbooks and explore the topics not found in traditional learning materials, answering question such as “What makes a cleft operating theatre different?” “How is post operative cleft care unique?”

Watch this space as the education mini series will launch in early 2024.