Last updated March 2023. Next update due March 2024.


At CLEFT, we believe that all children born with cleft lip and palate should have the same quality of care no matter where they are born in the world. Volunteers play a crucial role in helping raise money so that our vision can become a reality. We are incredibly thankful and appreciative of our volunteers and we want to make sure that all volunteers have a safe, rewarding and enjoyable experience.

This policy reflects our commitment to volunteering and sets out the framework of best practice to ensure that both CLEFT’s and the volunteer’s expectations are met.


CLEFT believes that all volunteers should be treated fairly and are recognised and rewarded for their involvement. Volunteers should benefit from their involvement, eg. learning new skills, but they should not take the place of paid staff.


A CLEFT volunteer is someone who, unpaid and of their own free will, chooses to give their time, energy, skills and expertise to fundraise for CLEFT to carry out its charitable work and to raise awareness of the charity. CLEFT’s relationship with volunteers is based on trust and is not intended to have the obligations associated with employment. No payment, other than the reimbursement of pre-agreed out-of-pocket expenses, is made by CLEFT to people who give their time as volunteers.


CLEFT will collect information on all prospective volunteers during the recruitment and selection process. Additionally, volunteers might be required to attend an informal interview to provide relevant information and explore their aspirations and the experience they can bring to CLEFT.

It is important for all involved to appreciate that the interview is not a competitive process, and the sole selection criteria is suitability for the role. A personal reference might be required and taken up to help confirm suitability for volunteering and for specific roles. All our regular volunteers must read and agree to the Volunteer Commitment which outlines what is expected from the volunteer and what they can expect from CLEFT. In commencing their role, the volunteer commits to the aims, values and key policies of CLEFT. This Volunteer Commitment does not and is not intended to create a contract of employment between CLEFT and volunteers. When appointed, an appropriate named contact for that role will lead on the relationship management of the volunteer. This may be a colleague or a volunteer. The named contact is responsible for guiding and supporting the volunteer in their role and should be available to discuss any aspect of the volunteer’s role.

As a member of the Fundraising Regulator, CLEFT asks that volunteers familiarise themselves with the Fundraising Regulator’s Code of Practice (Appendix I).


CLEFT provides Employers Liability, Public Liability and Professional Indemnity cover for all volunteers whilst working on CLEFT’s activities. CLEFT does not provide motor insurance cover. The insurance will not cover unauthorised actions or actions outside the volunteering agreement.

Leaving CLEFT

Volunteers are free to cease volunteering with CLEFT at any time by speaking or writing to their named contact. When deciding to finish volunteering with us, we ask that volunteers give us as much notice as possible to help us organise alternative arrangements. Upon leaving a volunteer role, we may offer an exit interview to reflect on their experiences and improve our volunteer opportunities. There may also be times when CLEFT will ask a volunteer to cease volunteering. This may be because the role no longer supports the needs of the organisation and its current work, or because the volunteer is no longer able to satisfactorily carry out a particular role. When this happens, we will endeavour to give as much notice as possible to the volunteer and try to find an acceptable alternative role. In all cases, the volunteer will be treated fairly, with dignity and respect.


This policy will be reviewed annually.

Download Volunteering Policy

Fundraising Regulator Code of Practice - Appendix I

Volunteer Commitment Consent Form

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the CLEFT office or a member of the Safeguarding Team listed below:

CLEFT office

Melanie Baldwin, , CLEFT, 10a Warren Estate, Lordship Road, Writtle, CM1 3WT   

[email protected]


Brian Sommerlad, CLEFT, 10a Warren Estate, Lordship Road, Writtle, CM1 3WT

Chair of Fundraising Committee

Tracy Morris, CLEFT, 10a Warren Estate, Lordship Road, Writtle, CM1 3WT