When it comes to clefts, there is still so much that is unknown. A core principle of CLEFT is to invest in research projects that study the cause and treatment of clefts. Clinical research is not usually funded by the NHS or pharmaceutical companies however, the progression of knowledge and understanding of clefts is a key component in improving the methods used by surgeons, speech therapists and other medical professionals. The research that CLEFT funds is with an aim of treating and providing quality, long-term care for all people born with clefts, both in the UK and overseas.

Some of the questions we are looking at answering are:
  • Why do clefts occur?
  • Which surgical techniques offer the best chance to successful outcomes?
  • Can we reduce the incidence of hearing problems in children with cleft palate?
  • To aid speech, can we improve the way in which palate muscles work?
  • Can we identify which genes have a role in clefts?

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