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CLEFT has worked with clinicians in Bangladesh for several years and in January 2023 a team of UK medical professionals visited the Sheikh Hasina National Institute of Burns and Plastic Surgery (SHNIBPS) in Dhaka. Their objective reflected the core mission of CLEFT: to create a sustainable, multi-disciplinary centre to treat children with cleft lip and palate.

The team that visited SHNIBPS included three surgeons, two speech and language therapists, an audiologist, a clinical nurse specialist and orthodontist. All the clinicians work at Great Ormond Street for Children, London with the exception of Chloé Rolland, who works at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge. 

The photo above is of the SHNIBPS and UK visiting team together at a conference in Dhaka.

During their visit, the UK and Bangladeshi teams worked together to see 78 new and review patients – unoperated babies and previously repaired patients, often with complex problems. Together, they operated on 25 patients.       

When CLEFT teams visit centres they share their good practice and offer training to local clinicians. An example of this is the work done by Marie Pinkstone, a CLEFT trustee and Amy Darters, both leading specialists in speech and language therapy. They spent their time assessing patients but also provided ongoing training to colleague Fairooz Maliha, who works at SHNIBPS, and delivered some training workshops to other students.

Their work took place in a multidisciplinary clinic. These clinics are designed for the specialities to meet together with the patient at the centre so that all the patient’s needs can be assessed in one meeting and a treatment plan can be created.

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Swim the English Channel....well, kind of... ( from 26th March )

If you enjoy swimming and want to raise funds for CLEFT it's not too late to sign up for this challenge! Participants are asked to swim 33km in 33 days starting on 26th March ( when the clocks go forward )


You can complete the distance in any way suits you, in your local swimming pool or open water if you wish.
Click on the button below for more information on how to register and receive your CLEFT swimming cap.

Good luck to all our participating swimmers!

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Shop and Give

CLEFT understands that times are difficult with the cost of living crisis, but there are easy ways to donate to the charity. Retailers have collaborated with charities in a scheme which allows shoppers to collect donations for their preferred causes. Just visit one of the following websites to register. All you do is continue shopping as normal and each time you spend the retailer will donate a small amount to your chosen charity as a ‘thank you’ for your custom.

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Another way to raise money for CLEFT is by giving your second-hand clothes to THRIFT+ which is a donation service for second-hand clothes.

Thrift +

Or why not sell your unwanted items on eBay?

eBay for Charity

These are some of the ways you can donate with minimum effort, maximizing your support and helping sustainability. Click on the button below for more information on how to access these methods of raising funds for CLEFT.

The Great North Run

CLEFT is pleased to offer 10 places in the iconic world's largest half marathon. It starts near Newcastle and ends in South Shields. CLEFT supporters ran in several half-marathons in 2022 and the Great North Run was our biggest fundraiser!
You can sign up if your a top athlete or just a fun-runner by raising a minimum of £250 sponsorship you're supporting CLEFT and raising awareness.

We will give you plenty of tips and support to enable to you to compete your fundraising journey.
Click on the button below to register, create a fundraising page and start training for this fantastic event.

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