The upcoming event, scheduled for Saturday, May 11th at 7pm, promises an evening filled with captivating performances and charitable endeavours. 

Aoife Madden, President of the Light Opera Society at ICSM, shared insights into the society's rich history and its commitment to philanthropy. Established in 1943, the society has evolved from its operetta roots to embrace musical theatre, showcasing productions like "Beauty and the Beast," "Legally Blonde," and "9 to 5." Each year, the society undertakes the monumental task of staging a full musical within a 24-hour timeframe, a tradition brimming with camaraderie, creativity, and chaos, where the cast are given 24 hours to rehearse a show from scratch, with it being performed to a paying audience 24 hours later. All proceeds from these productions typically support the university's central charity; however, this year, the society has graciously pledged its support to CLEFT.

In a heart-warming display of solidarity, members of the Light Opera Society have graciously extended an invitation to CLEFT representatives to attend the event and carry out fundraising activities. Shonnelly Novintan, CLEFT Trainee Section Chair and Tracy Morris, Fundraising Chair Committee and Trustee of CLEFT, expressed eagerness to collaborate, ensuring the presence of collection buckets and support for the cause, as well as a raffle to raise even further funds on the evening.

Expressing gratitude for the partnership, the CLEFT Trainee Section has committed to providing academic support as a token of appreciation. Tutorials and mentoring sessions are among the offerings extended to the Light Opera Society, underscoring the reciprocal nature of their collaboration.

As anticipation builds for this spectacular event, CLEFT looks forward to spreading awareness, raising funds, and celebrating the transformative power of art and altruism. Stay tuned for further updates and mark your calendars for an unforgettable evening in support of a noble cause.